The Best GoLang Lightning Talks.


Here we have the best  GoLang Lightning Talks.  The problem is that many conferences post multiple  five minute lightning talks in a single YouTube Video.   So you cannot document, search, or vote on a single lightning talk.  Once  uploaded, they are lost in a sea of data.  And even if they do create a separate YouTube Video for each lightning talk,  they won't give you a description, so it is hard to decide if you want to watch the video or not. 

 This web site makes it possible to describe, search, vote, and link to individual lightning talks.  You are invited to add your conference video or lightning talk to the web site. 

Why does this website have the .pl domain name? To celebrate that 1/3 of Google’s core Cloud-Native developers are located in Poland.  There is so much great software here, but only Witcher tells the world that they are a Polish company.  Don’t let the .pl domain name scare you.    You are welcome to add your conference video from any GoLang-related conference, or you are welcome to add any 5 minute go-related lightning talk.

For GoLang training courses, please contact Wojtek. 

  The Best GoLang Lightning Talks.   29 items

  GopherCon 2018 Lightning Talks   1 item

  The Best GoLang Lightning Talks   28 items

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