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A tree of chat rooms built with MQTT. One chat room for each topic, a taxonomy of topics.

MQTT is great for Chat.  It allows one to build a tree of chat rooms, on different topics, so that afterwards the information is organized.  On Slack, or Discord, you just get a flat list of chat rooms.  Which is great if there are just a few chat rooms,  but not so good if you have lots of chat rooms. 

A basic principal in Human Factors is that there should be no more than about 7 items in any list.  On, I have over 1473 chat rooms, one for discussing each video.  Hard to do that with Slack.  Easy to do that with MQTT. 

This software is now shipping.   It is easy to install the Forest Chat Wiki Docker container.  You can read more at And the Simple MQTT Topic Logger is now available.  I have also released a  letsencrypt-mosquitto docker container.  

I think that consolidation of web sites is problem politically.  I want to see lots of MQTT chat rooms out there, all interconnected.  I want to see lots of curated lists of information, using hierarchical wikis, like the Forest Chat Wiki all interconnected. 


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