The Best GoLang Lightning Talks


This is a small collection of golang lightning talks.

Sub Categories

1. Athens The Module Proxy for Go Athens is a CDN for Go Modules, so that if something gets deleted from github, or a name gest changed, your software will still compile.
2. Build Your Project with Mage When go build is not enough, upgrade to Mage. It is like Make written in Go.
3. Code it Like its 1995 What development was like in 1995, well before Go existed.
4. Code Search Tailored for Gophers GoGrep searches the go syntax tree rather than an ascii text file.
5. Container Network Interface and Go Accessing the docker container network interfacs from go.
6. Extending the Kubernetes API with a Custom Go Operator Kubernetes is written in Go, so the best way to extend the platform with new operators is in Go using operator-sdk and kubebuilder.
7. From REST to gRPC She introduces gRPC, and shows you how to migrate a REST api to gRPC using a go process talking to a Python process.
8. Geohash in Golang Assembly Geohashing converts a latitude and longitude into an integer which is more easily searchable.
9. Go FaaS A Story A beautifully presented story of creating a FAAS solution.
10. Lazy JSON Parsing Lazy Json is a library for parsing JSON files, when they represent varying data structures.
11. Decentralizing CI CD Pipelines Using Go
12. A Day in the Life of Rob Pike
13. Helping NET MSMQ Apps to Migrate to Go and Kubernetes
14. Immutable Persistent Data Structures in Go
15. Keeping Important Go Packages Alive
16. Linux Delay Accounting Linux Delay Accounting lets you track how long your tasks are delayed. You can use it to tell if your server is overloaded.
17. Linux Netlink and Go in 7 Minutes or Less Netlink is a family of packages for communicating with and controlling the linux kernel.
18. Making The IoT Go
19. Managing Linux Network Namespaces Before & After 1.10
20. Migrating The Go Community
21. Audio Synthesis with Shaden
22. Quick Intro to the Workload Char Using Tracing
23. Roaming Geofences with Tile38 Tile 38 offers both static and roaming geofences. A static geofence is a circle. A roaming geofence is a circle that moves. When tracked entities enter or leave a GeoFence, a notification is delivered.
24. router7 A Pure Go Home Router He has a great ISP with a geek friendly router, but a software upgrade broke something, so he wrote his own router.
25. Talking to the Docker Socket
26. The nuclear option, go test -run=InQemu This is about writing tests for programs with lots of side effects. To test disk resizing, he starts a VM, resizes the disks, and in 15 seconds confirms that all is working correctly. A very advanced, Linux, GoLang,and Testing application.
27. Web Session Management in Go Jeff is a tool for managing sessions. Most of this talk is an introduction to sessions.
28. Whats New in VS Code for Go She reviews the most recent changes to Visual Studio Go. The problem is that updates happen automatically, so if you do not read the changelog, you will not know what new features are available.